Is Kim Jong Un alive

Is Kim Jong Un alive?

Is Kim Jong Un alive? Today there is a debate about whether Kim Jong Un is alive. Although there are reports of his health, his death has not been officially confirmed and there are still theories that he may be alive and acting as head of state.

This is important to know because Kim Jong Un plays an important role not only on the Korean peninsula but also in world politics. If he is alive, it means that his position as the country’s leader and his position on the international stage remain unchanged. This may have an impact on the country’s internal and international relations, and this situation needs to be monitored carefully.

In addition, people who have a direct connection with the Korean peninsula may be directly affected if Kim Jong Un lives and continues to pursue his policies. This means that we need to monitor this situation and be prepared for any changes.

So, until it is officially confirmed that Kim Jong Un is dead, it is necessary to keep him alive and monitor the situation. This will allow us to better understand the political situation on the Korean peninsula and to assess the possible consequences that it may have in world politics and in people’s lives.

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What Kim Jong Un does for a living: selling drugs and arms while millions starve

Kim Kuk Song held senior positions in the closed state intelligence services, which were the “eyes, ears and brain” of the supreme leader. He claims to have kept the regime’s secrets, sent agents to assassinate critics, and even helped build an illegal drug laboratory that allegedly generated extra income for the regime.

This is the first time such a high-ranking official has been interviewed by Western media, the BBC reports. According to journalists, the interview had been in the works for weeks, with the man identifying himself as Kim Kuk Song worried about possible eavesdropping. He wore sunglasses during the interview. The BBC was able to confirm the man’s identity and some of the facts he mentioned, but the authenticity of the whole story could not be verified.

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Is Kim Jong Un alive?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “alive and well”, a top adviser to the South Korean president said, denying rumours about the communist leader’s health after he failed to show up at the anniversary of the birth of his grandfather and regime founder Kim Il Sung. “Our government’s position is clear,” Moon Jae-in’s special adviser on national security affairs, Moon Chung-in, said in an interview with CNN on Sunday, “Kim Jong Un is alive and well.” Kim Jong Un has been in the eastern resort town of Wonsan since 13 April, the adviser said. “No unusual activity has been observed so far,” he added

Fans are asking if Kim Jong Un is alive

Yes, he is alive.

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