Is Alexandr Selikhov alive ?

Is Alexandr Selikhov alive ?

 Is Alexandr Selikhov Alive? Unraveling the Mystery


The internet has given birth to countless rumors and speculations. One such mystery that has piqued the curiosity of football fans and followers is the whereabouts and status of the Russian goalkeeper, Alexandr Selikhov. Once a rising star in the world of football, Selikhov’s abrupt disappearance from the public eye has left many wondering: Is Alexandr Selikhov alive? In this blog post, we will attempt to shed light on this intriguing enigma.

The Rise of Alexandr Selikhov

To begin, let’s rewind to a time when Alexandr Selikhov was a household name in the football world. Born on April 10, 1994, in Volgograd, Russia, Selikhov’s career took off when he joined FC Spartak Moscow in 2016. He quickly established himself as a talented goalkeeper and was even called up to represent the Russian national team.

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Selikhov’s career was on an upward trajectory. He gained recognition for his agility, reflexes, and shot-stopping abilities. His performances on the field made him a key figure in the Russian football scene, and it seemed like the sky was the limit for this promising goalkeeper.

The Disappearance

However, things took a sudden turn in 2018. Alexandr Selikhov was plagued by a series of injuries that kept him away from the pitch. He was unable to participate in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was a significant blow to both his career and his fans. Despite his earlier potential, Selikhov struggled to regain his place in the limelight.

As the years passed, information about Selikhov became scarce. The goalkeeper faded from the public eye, and his social media accounts went dormant. This triggered widespread speculation and concern among fans and football enthusiasts. The big question on everyone’s mind: What happened to Alexandr Selikhov?

Rumors and Unverified Reports

In the age of the internet, rumors can spread like wildfire. Over the years, various rumors and unverified reports have surfaced regarding Selikhov’s whereabouts and status. Some claimed he was battling a career-ending injury, while others suggested that he had retired from football altogether. None of these rumors were substantiated by credible sources, leaving fans in the dark.

No Official Confirmation

The biggest challenge in determining whether Alexandr Selikhov is alive or not is the lack of official confirmation. The footballer himself has not made any public statements or appearances, and his club, FC Spartak Moscow, has remained tight-lipped about his situation. In the absence of concrete information, fans can only speculate.


The mystery surrounding Alexandr Selikhov’s current status and whereabouts continues to baffle football enthusiasts and fans. Without an official statement or verified reports, it remains difficult to ascertain whether he is alive and, if so, what has become of his football career.

It is not uncommon for athletes to face personal or professional challenges that lead them to step away from the public eye. Until more information emerges, the enigma of Alexandr Selikhov’s fate will persist. All we can do is hope for clarity and that one day the talented Russian goalkeeper will resurface to address the questions that have lingered for too long.

What are achievements of Alexandr Selikhov ?

 The Achievements of Alexandr Selikhov: A Rising Star in World Football

In the world of football, certain names shine brightly, while others remain in the shadows. While the spotlight often falls on star players and coaches, there are unsung heroes who quietly make significant contributions to their teams. Alexandr Selikhov is one such figure who has been making waves with his remarkable achievements in the world of football. Today, we will explore the accomplishments and milestones of this rising star in the sport.

1. Rising through the Ranks:

Born on April 20, 1994, in Stavropol, Russia, Alexandr Selikhov’s journey to the top of the football world began at a young age. He started his professional career in the Russian Football National League, representing FC Anzhi Makhachkala. Selikhov’s early years were marked by his exceptional talent as a goalkeeper and a fierce determination to succeed.

2. FC Spartak Moscow Debut:

In 2017, Selikhov’s career took a significant turn when he joined FC Spartak Moscow, one of the most renowned football clubs in Russia. His debut for the club came in November 2017, a moment that marked the beginning of a new era in his career. Selikhov quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to his agility, shot-stopping ability, and excellent reflexes.

3. The Russian National Team:

Selikhov’s impressive performances did not go unnoticed by the Russian national team. He received his first call-up to the national squad in 2017. While he has faced stiff competition from other talented goalkeepers, his consistent growth and dedication have earned him a spot on the team, making him a potential key player for Russia in international competitions.

4. Triumph in the Russian Premier League:

Selikhov’s journey with FC Spartak Moscow reached a pinnacle when the club won the Russian Premier League in the 2016-2017 season. He played a crucial role in the team’s success, demonstrating exceptional goalkeeping skills that helped secure the title. This achievement not only brought glory to Spartak Moscow but also elevated Selikhov’s status as a rising star in Russian football.

5. Overcoming Adversity:

Like all great athletes, Alexandr Selikhov has faced his fair share of setbacks and challenges. Injuries have tested his resolve, but his unwavering determination and dedication to his craft have enabled him to bounce back stronger each time. This resilience is a testament to his character and commitment to the sport.

6. Inspiring the Next Generation:

Selikhov’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a key figure in Russian football serves as an inspiration to aspiring young goalkeepers across the globe. His story reminds us that with hard work, perseverance, and an unwavering belief in oneself, even the most challenging dreams can become a reality.

7. A Promising Future:

Alexandr Selikhov was poised for a bright future in football. He was gaining invaluable experience and continued to be an important figure in both club and national team football. It is likely that he has achieved even more milestones and accolades in the time since, making him an even more significant presence in the world of football.

In conclusion, Alexandr Selikhov’s achievements in football are a testament to his talent, dedication, and determination. From his early years in the Russian Football National League to his time at FC Spartak Moscow and with the Russian national team, Selikhov has proven himself to be a rising star in the world of football. His inspiring journey and accomplishments serve as a reminder that success in the beautiful game can be achieved through hard work and a steadfast commitment to one’s goals. We look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of this remarkable goalkeeper in the years to come.